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MCW: Turn 2 Update

Antonius Rex a posted Tue at 23:44

First off, we are going to be postponing the Turn 2 Initiative meeting a few days. There was some funky stuff going on server side in MWO this Tuesday, and a couple of games were forced to reschedule because of this. Also, with American Thanksgiving this Thursday and many people dealing with travel and family throughout the weekend, Monday sounds like a good plan.

Turn 2 Initiative Meeting:
Monday December 1st at 10 Pm Eastern, on the Mercstar ts.
Pirates should make sure to be there by 1030 for their attack orders.

The plan for the two games that will likely not take place before the initiative meeting is thus: Those remaining attacks will stack onto the following turn. The will go first in initiative order, and will count as additional attacks to their regular allotment for Turn 2. This has already been worked out with the majority of the units involved in this.

Lastly, please send in your best sportsmanship votes for Turn 1 of the campaign to

We need these in by the end of Monday's meeting. Please use something like the below format. I need to know your unit, who you are voting for, and the turn for my records. Units only get 1 pick for Best sport per turn, and it must be for a unit they played in that turn. You do not need to vote for anyone if you do not think any unit you played that turn deserves the vote.

Swords of Kentares votes for Team Hufflepuff for best sports for Turn 1.

MCW: Turn 1 Update

Antonius Rex a posted Nov 18, 14

Couple things to bring to your attention.

So, I'm sure most of you know that the new Swamp map is out (Veridian Bog)

It was always intended to add that map to both the Large map category and the Hot category.

What we are going to do for turn 1 is include it in the Hot Category, but allow units to choose if they want to play on it. If both units agree, play the Swamp map as drop #1 for Hot maps. If either team would prefer not to play on it, just stick with Canyon Network. We will "officially" add it to the rotation for Turn 2.

Map Rotation:
#1 Veridian Bog/Canyon Network
#2 Caustic Valley
#3 Terrible Therma
#4 Forest Colony
#5 Tourmaline

Lastly, We have isolated and corrected the bug for the planets Diedre's Den and Liao. The bug was in those planets having their planet type being "Normal" rather than "Regular". If you see any more instances of that, please let me know and I will correct it.

We are still fixing the bug where House Davion (Yellow) attack icons are not displaying, as well as getting the Arena planets working properly.
Ax2Grind Even though you updated the important section, the drop rotation, the map lists to the left are still in need of being u ...
Ax2Grind I figured something like that. Thanks for the clarification.
Queenblade a Mostly cause when Tony posted on the site the overview for Turn 1, he did not update the spreadsheet so what you saw on ...

Here are your drop orders.

Time Line:
Matches must be scheduled, played, and recorded on the forums by Tuesday November 25th
Please remember the communication is key to getting everything done on time.
Schedule early, schedule often.

Inner Sphere Houses:

Draconis Combine:
228th attacking CK on Liao
TFF attacking SA on Ryde
NW attacking BSa on Port Moseby

Federated Sons:
SiG attacking QQ on Oriente
CK attacking Apoc on Hamilton
TMC attacking CGBI on Mishkandrill

Free Worlds League:
QQ attacking SiG on Carver V
BTD attacking SRoT on Alcor
APOC attacking SRoT on New Earth

Lyran Commonwealth:
SRoT attacking BTD on Marik
BSA attacking QQ on Stewart
SA attacking 228th on Kessel

Free Rasalhague Republic:
The Crows (TC) attacking SA on Coventry
AS attacking BSA on Antares

Outworlds Alliance:
CH attacking NW on Matsuida
CGBI attacking CK on Chirikof

St. Ives Compact:
CEF attacking TMC on Outreach
SwK attacking APOC on Second Chance

Circinus Federation:
CI attacking BTD on Tamerind
GKSW attacking SRoT on Halifax

Aces Wild attacking CEF on Zanzibar
IFS attacking GKSW on Hadisey's Haven
SRPH attacking TFF on New Samarkand
9th SD attacking TMC on New Syrtis
MGA attacking TC on Skandia

Bonus Battles:
9th SD battling Cerberus-Garde for the Eurozone
228th battling SJR for the NA Zone

Map Rotation:
#1 Canyon Network
#2 Caustic Valley
#3 Terrible Therma
#4 Forest Colony
#5 Tourmaline

#1 Canyon Network
#2 River City Night
#3 Mining Collective
#4 River City
#5 Crimson Straight

#1 Frozen City Night
#2 HPG
#3 Frozen City
#4 Forest Snow
#5 Alpine

#1 Crimson Straight
#2 Alpine
#3 HPG
#4 Terrible Therma
#5 Caustic Valley

#1 Frozen City Night
#2 Forest Colony
#3 River City Night
#4 Mining Collective
#5 Canyon Network

Note: On Hot map types, we will be replacing Canyon Network with the swamp Map as soon as it comes out. I doubled up on that one to make the numbers all even between hot cold temp.

Good Hunting.

MCW Ref + Rules Update

Antonius Rex a posted Nov 13, 14

2 things to bring to your attention.

1. We have our list of Referees for Season 4 of MCW.

Head Judge: Queenblade
Kavi Vetali (NW)
Nanner Hammock (SiG)
Karpundir (QQ)
Demax (BSA)
Beatnik (CI)

More refs will be added as needed.

2. Minor Rules update: Added to the Gentleman's agreement regarding matching unit defenses up with tiers
If a Tier 1 unit chooses to defend against a unit 2 or more tiers below them, they will receive half points for any games won (10 points per win/2 = 5 pts per win)
Example: SwK (tier 1) chooses to defend against a T3 unit. They would receive half points for any games won.
This DOES NOT work the other way around. If a tier 1 unit attacks, and has a lower tiered unit set to defend the attack, they would not score half points for the round, as it was not their choice to get paired up that way.

MCW Update

Antonius Rex a posted Nov 11, 14

Couple of things,

1. A reminder for all factions to report in their selections for their world's restrictions.

Inner Sphere Units
- Choice of Capital World Planet Type and Planetary Restrictions
- Choice of 3 "non-border" worlds to be Fortress Worlds

Periphery States
- Choice of Capital World Planet Type and Planetary Restrictions
- Choice of Planetary Restrictions for front middle world

I need these selections in by Tuesday at midnight so that I can update the map.

Also, something to bring to your attention. We are going to add "No Pulse Lasers" as a weapon restriction. I was going to just randomly add it to the map, but instead, we are just going to replace No PPC's with No Pulse Lasers. We feel that this should be pretty good for the campaign, as PPC's are rather under used at this point, so the restriction is kind of wasted anyways. Also, from a map making point of view, this will be far easier :)

Lastly, just a reminder that we have the First Turn Initiative Meeting on Wednesday night at 10 Pm Eastern on the Mercstar TS server.

We are going to try a new meeting set up, where I go over the notes and stuff last. We will start right away with the Initiative and attack declarations. This will allow us to let the pirates show up at 1030, while we get the fist steps done without them.

So, 10 PM Eastern for IS and Periphery States, 1030 PM for Pirates.

See you all on Wednesday.

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