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Comstar Chronicles

Queenblade a posted Dec 11, 14
By chance of the google search engine and 'marik civil war', I managed to stumble across a website that looks great, and can be a source of information regarding anything MWO.

Comstar Chronicles, which has been created by Dracol of Comstar Irregulars has put together a really nice site that is user friendly.  I've added it to the list of links in the upper left corner (Other Awesome Stuff). 
DEMAX51 Awesome site, guys! Major props to Dracol and CI for setting it up. #Bookmarked
Ihasa That's by CI's very own Dracol! We're considering making it the new CI homepage as it's still in trial. Glad you like it ...
Ax2Grind I like it. It's like the Daily Mail just for MWO. Woot! I especially enjoyed the changing gif showing the change from t ...
check out the MCW scoreboard spreadsheet.  I've added a new tool for units in MCW to check their "elo" rating.

I used the spreadsheet that 3rdworld put together and used by Magician back in the day for all leagues and adjusted it for use MCW S4.  I'll update it at the end of each turn.  It'll only cover the active season.

You can access it by clicking on the link in the upper left corner under Other Awesome Stuff.
Queenblade a Also, I've now updated the Attack/Defense spreadsheet so you can use the sorting feature on the top of the sheet.
Queenblade a I apologize, I did not have the protection set up properly for you to use. The score spreadsheet has now been updated s ...
Ihasa Nice Queenblade. Question regarding the formula though. Would it not be more accurate if it was games won/lost over play ...

Here are your drop orders.

Time Line:
So, we've got Christmas on the horizon, and obviously, that puts a kink or two into our plans. that coupled with the release of CW and the huge patch on Dec, 16th.

The Plan:
Turn 3's date will be Sunday, January 4th at 10 Pm Eastern on the Mercstar TS server. Turn 2's games SHOULD be completed before the December 16th patch. That being said, you guys have until January 3rd to complete and post your results. I hold no responsibility for units being unable to complete matches after the 16th, as between Christmas/New years, and the 16th's patch which will likely break the game for a hotfix or two, that chunk of time is likely to be unusable for Comp play. So, try, wherever possible to complete your matches before the 16th.

Schedule early, schedule often. And don't forget to enjoy the Holidays.

Inner Sphere Houses:

Draconis Combine:
228th attacking AS on Skandia
TFF attacking The Crows (TC) on Radstadt
NW attacking CGBI on Dante

Federated Sons:
SiG attacking QQ on Mkenna
CK attacking SRoT on New Earth
TMC attacking CEF on Zanzibar
TMC attacking CGBI on Mishkandrill (Turn 1 Rollover)

Free Worlds League:
QQ attacking BSA on Marik
BTD attacking SwK on Second Chance
APOC attacking SRoT on Stewart

Lyran Commonwealth:
SRoT attacking APOC on Regulus
BSA attacking QQ on Oriente
SA attacking CI on Tamarind

Periphery States:

Free Rasalhague Republic:
The Crows (TC) attacking NW on Port Moseby
AS attacking BSA on Greenland
The Crows (TC) attacking SA on Coventry (Turn 1 Rollover)

Outworlds Alliance:
CH attacking CK on Woodbine
CGBI attacking TFF on New Samarkand

St. Ives Compact:
CEF attacking The Crows on FRR Arena World
SwK attacking BTD on Carver V

Circinus Federation:
CI attacking SA on Venaria
GKSW attacking CH on the Outworld Alliance Arena World
GKSW/CI Coalition attacking SRoT on Blackjack

Aces Wild attacking CEF on St. Ives
IFS attacking AS on Antares
SRPH attacking BTD on Ngake
9th SD attacking TMC on Chirikof
MGA attacking Smoke Adders on Somerset
Ransom's Corsairs attacking Cameron's Highlanders on Kinkaid II

SJR attacking 228th on Kessel
SJR attacking GK:SW on Xorn's Keep

Bonus Battle:
Antares Scorpions battling Cerberus-Garde for the Eurozone

Map Rotation:
#1 Terrible Therma
#2 Tourmaline
#3 Caustic Valley
#4 Veridian Bog
#5 Forest Colony

#1 Crimson Straight
#2 Mining Collective
#3 Canyon Network
#4 River City
#5 River City Night

#1 Frozen City
#2 HPG
#3 Frozen City Night
#4 Forest Colony Snow
#5 Alpine

#1 Veridian Bog
#2 Tourmaline
#3 Terrible Therma
#4 HPG
#5 Alpine

#1 River City
#2 Forest Colony
#3 Frozen City
#4 Forest Colony Snow
#5 Mining Collective

Good Hunting.
Antonius Rex a Nope, the dice gods decided it was so. I did see it and had some concern, but I thought with it being on the outskirts ...
Lukoi Banacek Holy cow....6 restrictions on Sommerset?? Did someone play a card or something?
Aranzor "That being said, you guys have until November 3rd..." Fairly sure you mean January 3rd, but will ask anyway, ...

MCW Turn 2 Update

Antonius Rex a posted Nov 30, 14

Just a final reminder that we have the Turn  2 initiative meeting tomorrow night (Monday Dec 1st) at 10 Pm on the Mercstar ts server.
Pirates, you guys can be there at 1030

Also, remember to send in your Best Sport votes for Turn 1 to

MCW: Turn 2 Update

Antonius Rex a posted Nov 25, 14

First off, we are going to be postponing the Turn 2 Initiative meeting a few days. There was some funky stuff going on server side in MWO this Tuesday, and a couple of games were forced to reschedule because of this. Also, with American Thanksgiving this Thursday and many people dealing with travel and family throughout the weekend, Monday sounds like a good plan.

Turn 2 Initiative Meeting:
Monday December 1st at 10 Pm Eastern, on the Mercstar ts.
Pirates should make sure to be there by 1030 for their attack orders.

The plan for the two games that will likely not take place before the initiative meeting is thus: Those remaining attacks will stack onto the following turn. The will go first in initiative order, and will count as additional attacks to their regular allotment for Turn 2. This has already been worked out with the majority of the units involved in this.

Lastly, please send in your best sportsmanship votes for Turn 1 of the campaign to

We need these in by the end of Monday's meeting. Please use something like the below format. I need to know your unit, who you are voting for, and the turn for my records. Units only get 1 pick for Best sport per turn, and it must be for a unit they played in that turn. You do not need to vote for anyone if you do not think any unit you played that turn deserves the vote.

Swords of Kentares votes for Team Hufflepuff for best sports for Turn 1.

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