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So, the Trial of Position is nearly behind us, and we are nearly ready to create this season's factions. There is, however, one thing that needs to be settled.

We currently have what I would more or less describe as a tie, between 4 units, for the bottom 3 spots.

Official Score Board can be found here:

These 4 teams are The Smoke Adders, The Forsaken Few, Blackthorne Dragoons, and The Templars. Only 3 of them will be going on to be Inner Sphere House Units.

Without going into pages of detail on our methodology for the ToP, I will sum things up as this. Teams are ranked according to two main factors. Games won per series, and Schedule Strength (the relative difficulty of their ToP run) When these factors are combined, we have a system that we believe ranks units the most effectively in terms of their relative ability when compared to the rest of the bracket.

There are some other subjective factors, but at the end of the day, this is intended to create the most balanced factions possible going forward into the main campaign.

So, with these 4 teams, a legitimate argument could be made for all 4 being the one unit that doesn't make the cut.

Smoke Adders:
- only scored 5 game points, whereas others scored 6
- Had easily the highest Schedule strength

Blackthorne Dragoons:
- Had the worst series W/L record, going 1-3, whereas everyone else went 2-2
- Also lost to Templars

The Forsaken Few:
received a 3-0 forfeit win, which, while not their fault, leads to he argument of if they had actually played the game, anything other than a 3-0 could likely have landed them outside of top 12.

Had the lowest Schedule Strength of all 4, which is technically the first place we would go to break the draw.

In total, as you could see from the scoreboard, the point spread between those 4 units is only 2 points.  The scores range from 10.5 to 12.5 between the 4 teams. Which is really not much at all.

Queenblade and I spent over 2 hours on this conundrum, and ran through nearly a dozen different scenarios and ways of measurement. Regardless of who we picked of the 4 unit to miss the cut, you know somebody is going to be pissed, and they would each have a good argument that they shouldn't be the ones to miss out.

So here is what we are going to do:
I feel the only good way to settle this is with a good old trial by combat. And let the robot gods decide your collective fates. We are going to do an extra bonus round as quickly as possible.

Best of 3 Series
Game 1: 675
Game 2: 800
Game 3: 550
Restrictions: No Strikes
Round 1 Map List:
1. Canyon Network
2. Frozen City Night
3. Forest Colony
Round 2 Map List:
1. Crimson Straight
2. River City
3. Caustic Valley

The first round will be from Saturday November 1st, until midnight Tuesday November 4th
Smoke Adders vs Templars
Blackthorne Dragoons

The second round will be from Wednesday November 5th until 10 Pm Eastern on Sunday November 9th
Winners vs Winners
Losers vs Losers

1st place will take spot #10 on the IS 12v12 list
2nd and 3rd place will have gone 1-1 and will take spot #11 and 12 on the IS 12v12 list based off of game win/loss. in the further case of a draw, we will use their Schedule Strength + Drop Score from the official scoreboard.
Last place (the unit that lost twice) will get #13 and be asked to continue on as a pirate unit.

Lastly, I just want to say, that while this is a little bit inconvenient to do things this way, we feel it is the fairest most balanced way to resolved the situation, without screwing any one team over.

Obviously, the ToP is meant to determine which units are most qualified for spots as main line units in the campaign. But it also helps to show who is the most dedicated. This takes that a step further. If any unit is simply unable to make things work, and cannot accomplish their games, that would seriously implicate them as the unit that should take on that 13th spot. We don't mean for this to be especially harsh, but it is the reality of the situation we are in.

Affected units please respond to this post either in the comments section or through email. We need to get things sorted out quickly for this to work out for everyone.

Scheduling and results forum sections have been created for you guys to use.

Any questions/concerns, please come to me with them, but also remember, that this is how we have decided to settle things, and that time is of the essence. Your final trial by Combat before the main season start has begun :)

Dominuus Could be tight for us to make it, but we will do our best to sort something out and fight these last battles.

With the Trial of Position nearly behind us, we need to get a list of those that participated in the 8v8 bracket of the ToP, that wish to continue on as Periphery State Units.

Here is the final list of rankings for the 8v8 Brackets

Antares Scorpions
GK: Shadow Wolves
Clan Ghost Bear
Cameron's Highlanders
The Crows
Comstar Irregulars
Iron Fist Syndicate
Canadian Expiditionary Force
Aces Wild
Marik Gunfighter Alliance

What we need from you:
Some units entered the ToP wishing to become Periphery State Units, and others entered wishing to be pirates. At this point, we are asking this list of units whether or not they wish to ONLY be considered for a pirate position.

We will be taking the top 8 units from the above list as Periphery State Units, removing any units that only wish to play as pirates. Those that do not wish to be Periph units, and those who do not make the top 8 after adjustments have been made will be relegated to pirate units.

Please contact me by wither commenting on this post in the MCW website, or by replying to this email, or by getting in touch with me personally on TS.

The deadline for this is going to be midnight on Tuesday November 4th

The final scores for the 8v8 bracket can  be found here:


Just one final reminder to get those best sportsmanship votes in.

Remember to include you unit name, as well as your units pick for who should get 2 and 1 Sportsmanship point

send in the votes to

ToP Sportsmanship Votes

Antonius Rex a posted Tue at 19:48

One of the last things we need to do to complete the Trial of Position (besides finishing up all the matches) is have everyone vote for the units that they feel showed the best sportsmanship during the event.

How this will work:
Each unit is to choose 2 units out of the 4 units they played against. Of those two units, pick the unit that presented the best examples of good sportsmanship, and award them 2 points, and award the second best unit 1 point. After all the results are in we will add everything up, and award a few personal unit bonus points, as well as some small prizes to the top 3 units. 15/10/5 points will be awarded to the top 3 units. If there are draws, the prize/points pool will be split appropriately.

Units are not required to vote for anybody, and are not required to use both their #1, and #2 votes. But, it is somewhat expected that each unit should vote for at least one other unit. From what I have read on the result posts, it sounds like a large majority of units had nothing but positive things to say about their opponents. So ideally, that should be reflected in unit's voting.

We will be having separate point/prize pools for for the Inner Sphere and Periphery/Pirate divisions.

What you need to do:
Units need to send in their votes to
This will be the email I will be using for sportsmanship votes throughout the campaign.
Please send your votes in, in the following format:
Swords of Kentares best sport votes
Awesomelazer Merc Co. - 2 points
Clan Honey Badger - 1 point

I just need to have your unit name included, so that I know which unit voted. Many units correspondence with me has your real name or at least a different name than your MWO name, so it helps reduce confusion :)

All votes need to be in by 11:59 Pm on Thursday October 30th, which is also the deadline for all matches to be completed by.

I also just want to mention that the points awarded are rather miniscule in comparison to many units likely total personal unit score at the end of the campaign, and the prizes I had mentioned will also be pretty small. So need to try to hold back votes to try and power game the system. It is about sportsmanship after all :)

In addition, other than the vote results themselves, all the votes will be kept confidential.

Lastly, there were a few posts from units wishing to give their best sport vote to Steel Jaguar for scrimming them during the ToP. I would also like to give some praise of my own to SJR. They have been really accommodating towards both the MCW and its staff, as well as every unit they have dealt with so far. Great stuff! Special thanks to TheMagician and SJR.

That being said, please don't actually vote for them in your best sport votes. Those votes are meant to only be used for units that you actually played during the ToP, not for scrims and the like. Also, as SJR is taking on the role of Comstar for this season of MCW, they really don't receive a personal unit score like everyone else, so it would really just be wasted on them anyways. Rest assured, SJR will be getting a little something extra for their excellent conduct.

Antonius Rex a Oh, wow, I suck. The email is auto typed the hotmail into it. My bad. ...
Death By Pancakes Still broke
Queenblade a Rex, "shits broke yo"

MCW ToP 8v8 Update

Antonius Rex a posted Oct 22, 14

Turns out I got some temporal math wrong in the 8v8 Bracket which shifted things slightly.

Queen noticed the error, and I have corrected it. The new 8v8 Bracket is as follows:

8v8 Round 4 Brackets:
Swords of Kentares vs Antares Scorpions
Golden Keshik: Shadow Wolves vs Comstar Irregulars
Clan Ghost Bear vs The Crows
Cameron's Highlanders vs Canadian Expeditionary Force
Aces Wild vs Iron Fist Syndicate
A.C.E.S. vs Marik Gunfighter Alliance

Not a huge change, and no one had posted in the scheduling forums yet, so I doubt this should cause any problems. This has also been updated in all the other areas where this bracket has been posted.
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