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First off, I want to thank everyone who has commented or come and talked to us personally about the rules rough draft. We have always thought of MCW as a community event, and it is great to see so many unit leaders interested in its development.

In listening/reading people's thoughts and concerns, there seem to be roughly two main camps of thought in regards to the direction we should go with things. One side loves the added complexity and increase in game mechanics and diversity bringing the campaign to a new level similar to say, Proxis or NBT. The other side of the argument, seems to favour keeping things somewhat simple, while maintaining the core concepts that made Season 3 great. And of course, there are those who wish to see a mix of the two, at some balance or another.

So, what I have done, is prepared two sets of rule outlines for people's consideration. One, attempts to outline the expanded system as well as all the new game concepts we have been developing. The other outlines the light version of things, using far less new game concepts and stays much closer to what people have played before in previous seasons of MCW.

What I would like from you guys, is your feelings on which end of the spectrum you think your unit falls on. Which version they would prefer. Then from there, after choosing one side, I want to know if your unit would like a partial increase, or decrease from where that version stands towards the other version.

MCW Rules Rough Draft: Alpha Heavy 2.0

MCW Rules Rough Draft: Alpha Light 2.0

The main concepts that are in debate right now include:

Clan vs IS factions differences
     - Clan Honour System
     - Clan vs IS tech
Attack Types
     - Additional Game Modes
Command Points
Tonnage/Chassis Restrictions
Victory Conditions
Planet Health

In a way, you can think of these game concepts as modules that can be added or removed. To some degree, we can pick and choose which ones are good and which aren't. With a stronger vision of what units would prefer, I should be able to build the system people want to see.

So, give both sets a read through. Each doc ends at the triple lines. Everything below the lines is just a copy of the full rough draft we have going for reference. We would like to hear where your unit stands in terms of what they would like to see.

For this, I guess an email would be best, or come and talk to me in person. Toss emails to

I am also going to host a small open forum for people to come, if they wish, to talk about things. This will be held at Wednesday, August 27th at 10 Pm Eastern on the Mercstar TS. I'll just make us a room in the SwK block of rooms for us to use. Please feel free to come chat with me whenever, or send the email. This meeting is just an alternative if people would prefer.

Schedule going forward:
Once we have units input, I hope to have a good copy of the rules done within the week, hopefully for September 1st. then we'll actually start advertising and pushing for unit sign ups, and hopefully be all ready to start things off with the ToP for mid September as planned. This is of course speculative, but, a man can dream :)

Once again, I want to thank everyone for their input and passion for this project. I am getting really excited for this new iteration of MCW, and expect it to be the biggest and best yet.

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LegoPirate both of these rule sets are incredibly complicated compared to last season...
Antonius Rex a Just another reminder: If you did not receive this post as an email, it is because you are not on the MCW Season 4 Maili ...


A copy of the rough draft rules for Season 4 can be found here.

Season 4 Pre-release Rule Set

Take a look, let us know what you think. Feel free to post comments on the MCW site, or send Queen or I an email, or as always, you can hit us up in person on the Mercstar TS.

Keep in mind, this is still in a very rough version, but we wanted to get people's opinions on some of the new concepts. Try to keep things constructive, as that will help us to develop things properly. And as always, please do not hesitate to come chat if you have questions/concerns.

You know where to find us.

Edit: If you have not received this post as an email, it is becasue you are not on the new Season 4 Mailing List. Post in the forums under mailing list, or send me an email to get on it.

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Queenblade a More blue additions made. Newest additions are in purple and are located at the bottom.

Forum Update

Antonius Rex a posted Aug 5, 14
I have created the Season 4 Forums section.

In it you can find Season 4 updates, as well as mailing list and unit application threads.

More will be added as the campaign develops.

The Free Worlds League has finally ended their bout of civil wars just in time for the coming clan invasion!

Just a heads up, we have started developing the next season of MCW. FunkyLilElf has signed on again with us to help update the interactive map, so now we just gotta revamp the rules.

Hopefully we will have a rough draft of rules for you guys to look over in a week or two here.

This next season of MCW will include both Inner Sphere and Clan factions, as well as (most likely) pirates units.

Any new info will be posted on the front page of the MCW site as it comes out, but I also want to remake the MCW mailing list. The current list dates back from season 2 and is missing a ton of people, so I think 2 seasons later, its probably time to make a new one :)

So if you want to get put on the MCW mailing list, hit me up on ts, or through enjin, or you can toss me an email at Even better, if you are comfortable posting the info, feel free to post in this forum, and I will add you to the list.

Also, feel free to start letting us know if your unit is looking to take part in the coming season. We will start taking applications now. The rules obviously havn't been fully developed, so its more of stating your units interest than an official application at this point. Obviously, units should check out the full rules before they fully commit, so we won't hold it against anyone if they need to back out once the rules are published.

Units can post their unit applications here:

We are looking at kicking things off for Season 4 in September. Likely mid-September. We will post a solid date once we know more.

I hope you guys all enjoy the rest of your summer, and look forward to seeing you all for the next season of MCW!

Antonius Rex,
Marik Civil War Coordinator.

We're looking at bringing a new season within September with new dynamic features.
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