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So, now that I have ironed out all the details, it is time to reveal one of the many things I have been working on for this season of MCW.

Basically, if MCW wasn't the People's League before, it should be now. In previous seasons of MCW, and the majority of other leagues and events, there has always been a pretty large gap between the "tier 1" teams, and the rest of the community. And while this isn't necessarily a bad thing, it does have a bit of a dampening effect on what the rest of the community can hope to achieve, at least when they are expected to take on the tier 1 units on a regular basis.

It is my hope, that with a few tweaks to how certain units will be participating in this season, we can make this season the most accessible and fun season yet, for all participating units.

Thing #1:

I don't know what you may have heard, as this news is relatively new, but SwK has almost unanimously voted to hang up their try hard pants until the start of Community Warfare. Basically, SwK, after over 2 years of solid comp play, nearly 75 comp matches, and participating in nearly every single MWO event and league to date, is going to be going casual.
Currently, we only plan on playing in MCW, and will be taking on a reduced role by playing for the Periphery, or, possibly as a pirate unit. This will remove us from our dominant position we have held in the previous 3 season of MCW, and open things up to other units to take our place on the front lines of the campaign.

Thing #2:
I have been working with TheMagician of SJR, and we have come to an agreement on a special place within MCW for SJR's enhanced form of "asswhoopery"
For this season of MCW, SJR will be taking on the role of Comstar, and will become the MCW's newest balancing mechanism for an improved campaign.

What this means:
Simply put, SJR will be a 1 unit, 1 planet faction of their own. This planet is Terra, the central planet of the map. Any faction, assuming they have proper attack lanes to do so, may attack Terra at any point, with SJR defending it.
Starting on Turn 2, Comstar will be given 1 attack per turn, that must be directed at the current "winning" faction against that factions top rated unit. ie, the IS faction that is currently in first place. If they win the battle, they can choose to either make the planet go neutral, or claim it for themselves. If they choose to claim the planet for themselves, these newly acquired planets may also be attacked by anyone within attack range.
If Comstar loses their last owned planet, they will be eliminated from the campaign.
Full rules will be published with Rules good copy that I should have done any day now.

The main goal here is literally to use SJR as a balancing mechanism to stop any one IS Faction from dominating the campaign. When one faction pulls ahead of the rest, they will have to deal with a single attack from Comstar. Hopefully, this will have the effect of hampering a dominant factions progress to some degree, and helping the campaign be as "close and exciting" as possible.

This coupled with the nearly complete removal of Tier 1 units from the main body of the campaign will be moving the MCW to a much more open environment with many more possible end outcomes. It should also have a positive effect on the enjoyment level and development of units within the campaign.

At least that is the dream :)

The next step in getting ready for this season of MCW to start involves you!

Yes, you! And your unit of course.

This next step is field testing the rules for the "Base Assault" game mode we plan on using for MCW.

Base Assault, at its heart, is an attempt to use the assault game mode as an attack/defend style scenario. It is also meant as a bit of a buff for the unit defending their planet.

The idea is, that in the potential last game for the defender of a planet (the first game where if the defender lost, the series would be over), the defender gets an advantageous position.

They only get this buff once per series, and it should only ever encourage the series lasting longer. It does this by only occuring when the defending team is already losing the series, and thus, if they win that game, would only continue the series another game or two. This scenario will never occur for a defending unit that is winning the series already. Simply put, this buff will never help a defending team sweep a series (Win 3-0, or 3-1), but will help a losing defending team take the series further, and thus, hopefully, increase the amount of "close" series.

So, what we need you guys for, is to actively field test this game mode and see if it is something we wish to use for the main campaign. We will be doing this by hosting, on the Mercstar TS, 3 little get togethers where units can come on and test out the game mode against other units.

Base Assault: The Rules
Game mode: Assault
Match Time: 10 minutes
Map: units choose
Victory Conditions: Defender wins, if the timer runs out, and their base has not been captured, and 1 or more defending mechs survive, or if all Attacking mechs are destroyed.
Attacker wins, if either they capture the defending teams base, or they kill all enemy mechs.
The Defender loses the match, if the defender caps the attackers base.
When is Base Assault used: Base Assault is used by the defender of a planet during the first battle where if the defender lost, the series would be over. Example, Clan Honey Badger is attacking a planet of Clan Strong Adjective. The series is currently either 2-0 or 2-1 for the attacker, CHB. CSA may opt to use the Base Assault option.
- Base assault may not be used in game 5 of a series. (essentially can only be used in game 3 or 4 of a series)
- Base Assault may only be used once in a series this way.
- The tonnage will either be the largest tonnage (Game 3 of a series), or a tonnage of the defender's choice (Game 4, with the defending unit as the underdog).

What we are testing for:
1. Is this achievable for the attacking team?
2. 10 minute vs 15 minute match time? The reason for using the 10 min time, is that we want to encourage the attacking unit to try to storm the base. We dont want 13 minutes of sniping and LRMing followed with a charge against the one remaining defending mech. In theory we achieve this with a 10 minute timer. Still plenty of time to kill the enemy team, especially since you wont need to chase them all around the map to do it (they should be near their base). But attacking teams will need to move at a reasonable pace to achieve victory.
3. 12v12 vs 8v8? This should be no problem for 12v12, but does it become too difficult in 8v8?
I suspect it should be doable 8v8, as those base turrets do suck pretty hard, but I want to test it out to make sure.
4. Should we only use small maps for this? or does it work ok on Large maps? Do we need to raise the timer back to 15 minutes for Large maps?

When will testing occur:
The official dates for testing on the Mercstar TS will be as follows:
Thursday Sept 18th @ 9:30 Pm Eastern
Sunday Sept 21th @ 9:30 Pm Eastern
Tuesday Sept 23rdth @ 9:30 Pm Eastern

For units who wish to participate, we ask that unit leaders maybe show up a little early, and we can sort out pairing for the evening. Also, if units wish to participate in the test, feel free to post as such and perhaps pre schedule with an opponent. The forum for this can be found here:

After some testing by units, we encourage you to post your findings and feeling here:

Let us know what you think, in terms of balance, and whether or not you want to see this in the campaign. If the majority of units would prefer not to use this new game mode, we can always toss it out. It is simple enough to remove it from the campaign if that is what units wish. That being said, we hope that this game mode will add in an interesting element to the campaign, without making huge waves in terms of campaign balance and complexity.

Also, the rough idea is that, if/when PGI releases their own attack/defend game mode, we will certainly look at replacing our Base Assault with the new game mode. Assuming it fits reasonably well.

Any units who wish to do testing outside of the testing dates are encouraged to do so. Just remember to let us know what you think of the game mode.

Finally, to take a play out of the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition, we will be offering units some minor financial incentive to test this out with us. This will come in the form of 15 bonus points towards your unit's personal unit score for the main campaign. All you need to do is play at least one game using the test rules, and report your findings on the forums.

Any questions, as always, please dont hesitate to ask. You can reach me through enjin, by email, or in person on the Mercstar TS.

Good Hunting Gentlemen,
Antonius Rex,
Marik Civil War Coordinator.


Antonius Rex a Added an additional rule: The Defender loses the match, if the defender caps the attackers base. - This was sort of impl ...
Antonius Rex a These are the tonnages we are currently planning on using for the campaign. Decide with your opponent which tonnage you ...

I am going to be pushing back the start date for this season of MCW by a week from the outer projected start date.

The new start date for this season will be Sunday, September 28th
The opening Unit Leader Meeting, will be held that Sunday at 10 Pm Eastern on the Mercstar TS server:
pass: metagame

I apologize for the delay. I'm sure a number of units will be disappointed we are not getting things going right away.

The truth is, I've been rather distracted by a number of IRL things this last week or so, and simply haven't put the required time in to get things in order for us to start the campaign. And, I guess to be honest, have been a little uncertain of the future of MWO with the recent Trannyverse Online announcements, among other things.

But, after a weekend of quiet contemplation, and random tabletop Star Trek Tourneys, I have returned with a renewed vigor for the game we all love.

The Plan Going Forward:

There are a number of things that require my attention, that I plan on getting resolved over the next week here.

1. Finish the secret plans to make things more awesome for the general public in MCW
- Announcement soon to come

2. Set up testing "Base Assault"
- Looking at setting up 3 nights between now and the start date for units to get together          on Mercstar and test out the Base Assault Rules
- I want units to play out some games and report on how the game mode feels.
- Looking at 10 min vs 15 min match timer (Large maps may not work for 10 min)
- 12v12 and 8v8, does the system work for both?
- more in depth announcement to come

3. I need to merge the new expansion rules with the old rules, and finish everything up to good copy version.

4. Finish getting sign ups. There are still a handful of spots left, but there are also a handful of units that have registered, but have not chosen a faction to fight for. I'll be coming around in person to wrap sign ups up.

5. We've had some minor and, I guess expected, delays on the map (It wouldn't be a Marik Civil War without them). We hope to have something new to show you guys by the end of next weekend, and a fully functional model ready for the following week.
- This isn't actually holding us up, as we dont need the map ready for the ToP.

So, bear with us. We hope to have things all ready to start very soon now. And once again, I apologize for the delay.

I know you guys are itching to get out there and blow up them robots.


We are officially over half full in terms of unit registrations for the coming campaign
(Where will you stand? Inner Sphere, Periphery, or Pirate)

So, for any units that have not spoken up to fight for a faction, the time is now! Spot are limited, so get your unit post up in the appropriate forum.

The time has begun for units to start declaring their intentions for the coming campaign.

Will your unit stand for one of the great houses of the Inner Sphere in glory and conquest?

Or will you fight for the freedom and independence of the Periphery States?

Or perhaps the call of the mighty C-bill will take its hold and pull you to the life of piracy.
       - Remember guys, Pillage, then Burn!

Whichever your unit's fate, we will be starting things off for the season of MCW by having units declare which Faction they wish to compete in.

This season will involve the following:
12 Inner Sphere units (mostly 12v12's, some 8v8's, highest # of battles)
8 Periphery State units (only 8v8's, less battles than IS at the start of the campaign)
4+ Pirate units (Only 8v8's, only one battle per turn)
If we have sufficient interest, we can add 4 units to each IS and PS for a total of 8 extra units.

How this will work:
We will be starting the season off, as usual, with a Trial of Position to sort the units according relative skill. This will allow us to build factions with the most balance, which will in turn make the campaign more enjoyable for all.

Units will be split up into faction specific groups for the ToP

The top 12/16 IS units and the top 8/12 Periphery units will be chosen to fight for those factions at the end of the trial. Everyone else will be relegated to Pirate duty.

So, now that we have the main concepts ironed out for this season, we would like units to post their desires in the appropriate forums here:

If you have any questions, feel free to email me or hit me up on the Mercstar TS
Hann Solo We would be open to that idea.
Antonius Rex a So, something to look at once we get the Periphery State Faction filled up. If the Periphery states wished to be more ac ...
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