Marik Civil War Season 3|Site Info

Here are your drop orders.

Marik Commonwealth (Red):
Coalition of Marik (2-3-4) attacking Night Watch on Anegasaki
SJR attacking SwK on Atreus (+ No AC/G)
QQ battling BoS for Bedeque
SJ1 attacking NW on Les Halles
SR10 claims Washburn uncontested

Stewart Commonwealth (Purple):
SwK flank attacking HHoD on Regulus
BoS battling QQ fro Bedeque
Apoc attacking BT on Ngake
CSA attacking BSK W on Diass

Duchy of Oriente (Blue):
Coalition of Oriente (1-2-3) attacking QQ on Fujidera
BT attacking FOX on Aitutaki
NW attacking BSA on Cameron
228th attacking HHoD on Hassad
Sig attacking SJR on Second Chance (Underdog Card - No AC/G for SJR)

Principality of Regulus (Yellow):
FOX attacking Apoc on Newcastle
BSK W attacking 228th on Tiber
HHoD attacking Sig on Carbonis
BSA attacking CSA on Rochelle

CH attacking BSA on Olafsvik
SA attacking SR10 on Irian
PD attacking BT on Salur

You guys have until Sunday the 27th to complete your battles. Remember though, we are taking atleast a one week break to evaluate Private Lobbies, so really, you have until 10 Pm on Sunday the 4th. But try to get the games in before then.

The Turn 4 Initiative Meeting will be held on Sunday May 4th, at 10 Pm on the Mercstar TS server. Just a heads up however, there is a possibility we will postpone the meeting an additional week if we need more time to get everything set up for Private Lobbies.

Good Hunting.

ISN Newsfeed #7

Antonius Rex a posted Apr 13, 14
ISN Newsfeed #7 is up with all the unit stories you guys wrote up included.
Just a reminder that the Turn 3 Initiative Meeting will be held Tomorrow night (Sunday) at 10 Pm Eastern on the Mercstar TS server.

TygerLily Here's the info on Merc Madness that was discussed. Couldn't find a be ...

MCW Map Update

Antonius Rex a posted Apr 4, 14
The map is fixed now with all the worlds in their proper places. Sry about the mix-up, hopefully that didn't hinder anyone.

The map has been updated with the three reported battles so far, as well as the uncontested occupation of the remaining neutral worlds. I'll update things as the turn progresses.

We hope to have pirate attack icons up and running in the next few days.

If you notice anything out of place, let me know and I'll fix it.

Map Update

Antonius Rex a posted Apr 3, 14

Just a heads up, Funky and I have done a little work on the map.

We have the first phase of our attack icons up. Hopefully that will make it a little easier to see who is attacking who.

We also shifted the map 90 degree counter clockwise. I had intended to do this before we started the campaign, but it actually wasn't the easiest thing to do, so, sry it took until now to do that. Hopefully its not too confusing for everyone.

The reason for the shift was that the map is now oriented accurately to a map of the Inner Sphere. I actually put in a decent amount of effort to get the map as close to the real map as I could, at least in terms of planet placement, and the factions orientation with regards to each other. So now its the way it was always meant to be.

There was a hiccup in the process however. The outer ring Neutral planets didn't get moved at first. I think it should be working now, but there is a bug with enjin where if you leave the admin page up for too long, it won't accept any changes. I think it all should be working, so any minute now, Enjin should get its shit together and update itself properly. Once again, sry for any confusion. If there are any mistakes, please let me know, and I will update it again
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