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MCW: Turn 4 Update

Antonius Rex a posted 1 hour ago

Just a reminder that we have the Turn 4 initiative meeting tomorrow night. This is on  January 25th at 10 Pm Eastern on the Mercenarystar TS

Also, remember to get your best sportsmanship votes into

See you guys at the meeting.

Here are your drop orders.

Time Line:
We are going to extend the turn 3 length by a few days, to synch it up with Sundays again.
Turn 3 needs to be scheduled, played, and recorded/results posted by January 24th.

The Turn 4 meeting will be held at 10 Pm on the Eastern on Sunday, January 25th on the Mercenary Star community TS. (same one as always)

If your unit does not have the new info for the ts, here it is:
pass: metagame

If your unit does not have a room or tags on the new server, please let myself or Deadfire know, and we will set your unit up again.

Inner Sphere Houses:

Draconis Combine:
228(1) attacking AS on Rasalhague
TFF attacking Apoc on New Samarkand
NW attacking CGBI on Alpheratz

Federated Sons:
SiG attacking 9th SD on Chirikof
CK attacking SRoT on Skye
TMC attacking CEF on Second Chance

Free Worlds League:
QQ attacking BSA on Capella
BTD attacking SA on Alcor
228(2) attacking CK on New Earth

Lyran Commonwealth:
SRoT attacking GKSW on Tamarind
SwK attacking QQ on Stewart
SA attacking TFF on Skandia

Periphery States:

Free Rasalhague Republic:
The Crows (TC) attacking Radstadt unopposed
AS attacking SwK on Tharkad

Outworlds Alliance:
Apoc attacking RC on Kincaid II
CGBI attacking NW on Dante

St. Ives Compact:
CEF attacking CI on Outworlds Alliance Arena World (Circinus Controlled)
BSA attacking SiG on Hamilton

Circinus Federation:
CI attacking The Crows on Greenland
GKSW attacking SwK on Tsarahavana

9th SD attacking BTD on Midkiff
9th SD defending Chirikof from SiG
MGA attacking Seraphim in the Pirate Zone
Ransom's Corsairs attacking Templars on Woodbine
Ransom's Corsiars defending Kinkaid II from Apoc
IFS attacking CEF on St. Ives
Aces Wild attacking CI on Hadisey's Haven

SJR attacking 228th on Vega

Map Rotation:
#1 Caustic Valley
#2 Terrible Therma
#3 Forest Colony
#4 Tourmaline
#5 Veridian Bog

#1 Mining Collective
#2 River City Night
#3 Canyon Network
#4 River City
#5 Crimson Straight

#1 Frozen City
#2 HPG
#3 Frozen City Night
#4 Forest Colony Snow
#5 Alpine

#1 Alpine
#2 HPG
#3 Terrible Therma
#4 Tourmaline
#5 Veridian Bog

#1 Mining Collective
#2 Forest Colony Snow
#3 Frozen City
#4 Forest Colony
#5 River City

Good Hunting.
Antonius Rex a 228(1) attacking AS on Rasalhague NW attacking CGBI on Alpheratz updated as I noticed those were wrong as well. ...
Antonius Rex a good catch. Also Khavi noticed sometihng on the orders as well. updated: Large #1 is Alpine TFF attacking Apoc on New Sa ...
Greyfoxx Is the the first map on Large Alpine or Bog?

MCW: Turn 3 Update

Antonius Rex a posted Jan 5, 15

We are going to be postponing the Turn 3 Initiative Meeting until Wednesday, January 7th at 10 Pm Eastern.

Pirates can be there for 1030 Pm

We should have everything set with the faction changes, and be good to go with Turn 3 right away.
Karpundir Don't forget to post the planet rotation for Turn 3!

MCW: Turn 3 Update

Antonius Rex a posted Dec 31, 14

First off I hope that everyone had a great Christmas, and want to wish every one involved with the campaign a happy New Year!

This is just a reminder on a few things before Sunday's Meeting:

- Remember to post screen shots for your completed matches.
- Matches must be complete before 10 Pm Eastern on Sunday January 4th
- Remember to post any videos you have of your matches for bonus points
- Remember to cast your unit's vote for Best Sportsmanship for Turn 3
          - Send in those votes to
          - format: your unit name, the turn, and which unit you vote for

Final reminder:

Turn 3 Initiative meeting begins at 10 Pm Eastern on Sunday, January 4th.

If you hadn't found out, the Mercenary Star ts has moved!

The new address is:
pass: metagame

cya guys on Sunday!

Comstar Chronicles

Queenblade a posted Dec 11, 14
By chance of the google search engine and 'marik civil war', I managed to stumble across a website that looks great, and can be a source of information regarding anything MWO.

Comstar Chronicles, which has been created by Dracol of Comstar Irregulars has put together a really nice site that is user friendly.  I've added it to the list of links in the upper left corner (Other Awesome Stuff). 
DEMAX51 Awesome site, guys! Major props to Dracol and CI for setting it up. #Bookmarked
Ihasa That's by CI's very own Dracol! We're considering making it the new CI homepage as it's still in trial. Glad you like it ...
Ax2Grind I like it. It's like the Daily Mail just for MWO. Woot! I especially enjoyed the changing gif showing the change from t ...
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