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I have posted the final results on the MWO forums as well as reddit. You can find those pages here:

Feel free to post comments and the like on those pages.

Congratulations to every unit who made it through Season 3! It was a long season, but the civil war is finally over. Just in time for the Clan Invasion!

Thanks a bunch to everyone who helped out and participated in the campaign, and I look forward to working with you all next season.

Antonius Rex.


All across the Free Worlds League, factories have been leveled, capitals are on fire, and thousands of mechs lay shattered across 53 different worlds. 34 competing mercenary and pirate units fighting for and against the four remaining great houses of the FWL, battled it out for just over six months; culminating into yet again, one of the greatest Community Warfare events the MWO universe has ever seen.

This campaign once again set the record in MWO for the largest number of recorded matches between North American units, weighing in at 189 best of 5 series' for a total of 691 games played. I know that this is a new global record for Mech Warrior Online, and a testament to the love that the community holds for the world of Battletech as this season crushed the previous records held by MCW Season 2. With an estimated 6,530 recorded mech kills, and over 1,100,609 damage dealt, all units currently fighting in The Free Worlds League have been battered to the point of breaking, yet they all remain standing, preparing for the imminent Clan Invasion.

I am proud to say that the MCW caters to units ranging from the best in the world to units just starting out in the competitive scene, and will continue to do so in coming versions. It is also the premier restriction based campaign, forcing units to adapt to all sorts of different environments and "meta's", constantly changing the face of war in MWO.

I want to thank all 34 units for participating in this 3rd season of the MCW. You guys were awesome! It was your dedication and love of Battletech that made this season what it was. Seriously, you guys do your hobby proud in the manner in which you conduct yourselves. No other league maintains the levels of sportsmanship that you see in the MCW, and I hope to continue this trend into the future.

I also want to thank my 3 fanatical assistants in the creation and maintenance of this campaign. I couldn't have done it without you guys! FunkyLilElf is the master behind the awesome Interactive Map. Queenblade managed the impressive stat tracking machine, as well as the unit stats for all the different units and the campaign as a whole. And finally, Vercinix helped me rewrite the massive rulebook and manage the campaign in general.

Lastly, I want to say that this season was a treat to run, as the levels of sportsmanship and camaraderie made this the best iteration of MCW to date! This league keeps getting bigger and better, with more and more teams signing up to do battle in the Free Worlds League. I am proud to be a part of community as awesome as this, and hope to continue to be one of the guys helping to develop the end-game content for MWO for some time to come.

I look forward to seeing you all in Season 4!

Antonius Rex
The Swords of Kentares
Marik Civil War Coordinator

Here is the rough draft for the MCW Season 3 Final Results. I will post this up on the site over the weekend to allow you guys to double check your unit's scores. If you find any discrepancies/problems, please don't hesitate to let me or Queenblade know, and we will make the appropriate adjustments. After this weekend, I will finalize these results and post them on the MWO forums, Reddit, and the like.

Check out the website for more info on the upcoming MCW Season 4: The Clan Invasion
Also, you can check out the awesome interactive map as it stands at war's end here:
All of the ISN newsfeed posts and match write-ups for Season 2 can be found here:
And finally, all of the stats for Season 3 can be found here (Remember the tabs at the bottom):

Final Scores:
A note on the final scores:
There are a number of ways to judge who won the civil war, and which units performed well.
First, the faction that wins the civil war, is the faction with the most victory points at the end. Each planet on the map is worth 1 VP, while Faction capitals and the FWL's capital Atreus are worth 2 and 3 VP's respectively.

In terms of individual units, units were awarded 10 points per game won in each series they played, plus a myriad of bonus points. Remember, units often played against teams within their tier, or against higher tiers, so depending on the faction, some units took the brunt of the "hard" matches, allowing other members of their faction to achieve victory.

Below, all 34 units are ranked according to points scored, both as a whole, and amongst their appropriate tier.

Winning Faction: The Marik Commonwealth
Steel Jaguar, QQ Mercs, 1st Skye Jaegers, 10th Skye Rangers, GK: Wolves of the North Star, and The Phoenix Dominion all led their faction to victory and are awarded the title "Heroes of the Free Worlds League, Season 3"

Faction Rankings:
#1 The Marik Commonwealth - 20 Victory Points
#2 The Duchy of Oriente - 15 Victory Points
#3 The Stewart Commonwealth - 12 Victory Points
#4 The Principality of Regulus - 11 Victory Points

Top Individual Mercenary Unit:
#1 510pts - Steel Jaguar
#2 445pts - Blackthornes
#3 440pts - 228th IBR

Tier One Champions: Steel Jaguar
Tier Two Champions: SiG
Tier Three Champions: Blackstar Alliance
Tier Four Champions: Blackthornes
Tier Five Champions: Serephim
Pirate Champions: Cameron's Highlanders

Defenders of Atreus:  No One
This season, no unit ever successfully defended Atreus. Though many died trying.

Best Sportsmanship: Clan Star Adder and Blackstar Alliance
We had set aside 30/20/10 bonus points for the top 3 best sports. Clan Star Adder and Blackstar Alliance won with 3 votes a piece, with a three way tie for second split between Night Watch, Steel Jaguar, and QQ Ragequit. The points spread is as follows (25 pts for 1st, 5 pts each for 3rd, I rounded up):
25 Clan Star Adder
25 Blackstar Alliance
5 Night Watch
5 QQ Mercs
5 Steel Jaguar

MCW Seasonal Growth:
        Season 2    Season 3
Series Length:    4 Months    6 Months
Units:        14        34
# of Series:    75        189    
# of Games:    271        691    
Mechs Destroyed: 3,892     6,530
Estimated Damage Dealt over Season 3: 1,100,609 Total Damage

Top Individual Player: Greyfoxx  is awarded the top palyer of MCW Season 3! This was achieved by having the best MCW score from Turns 1-3 according to Queenblade's stats.
hit up Antonius Rex for your prize. It is a code to redeem a set of Alienware cockpit items!

Highest Damage Dealt - Psu, from The Swords of Kentares with 1224 dmg dealt in a Banshee 3E
I haven't actually gone through all of the screen shots from all 691 games, so if anyone has a better dmg score than this, hit me up, and I will update this to include a top 5 :)

I want to thank filetitan, grrzoot, Coburn, LegoPirate, Iridin, and Anonymous (whoever you are) for their donations towards the website's upkeep. Appreciate it guys!

Final Unit Scores: For more in depth scores, check out the stat page here -
There are tabs at the bottom to go through turn by turn. The final stats were tabulated on the final tab titled, Worksheet. If there were any mistakes that are noticed, please let me know and I will update the scoreboard.

#    Overall Score    Unit
1    510    Steel Jaguar
2    485    Blackthornes
3    440    228th IBR
4    425    Black Star Alliance
5    395    SiG
6    375    Swords of Kentares
7    330    Clan Star Adder
8    325    Golden Foxes
9    300    1st Skye Jaegers
10    270    Apocalypse Lancers
11    245    Night Watch
12    235    10th Skye Rangers
13    175    Golden Keshik
13    175     Seraphim
15    150    Balls of Steel
16    145    QQ Mercs
17    135    BSK Wardens
18    125    Cameron's Highlanders
18    125    Smoke Adders
20    85    Phoenix Dominion
21    65    Aces Wild
22    60    Canadian Exp Force
22    60    Clan Diamond Shark
24    40    GK: Wolves of NS
25    35    cReddit
26    30    Praetorian Legion
27    15    The Remnant
28    10    Red Corsairs
28    10    House Jurai
28    10    Blazing Aces
31    5    Clan Wolf Delta Galaxy
32    0    Kell Hounds
32    0    MGA
32    0    Aeos

Tier Rankings:
Tier 1:
#1    Steel Jaguar
#2    228th IBR
#3    The Swords of Kentares
#4    Golden Keshik
Tier 2:
#1    SiG
#2    Balls of Steel
#3    QQ Mercs
#4    BSK Wardens
Tier 3:
#1    Blackstar Alliance
#2    Clan Star Adder
#3    1st Skye Jaegers
#4    Nigh Watch
tier 4:
#1    Blackthornes
#2    Golden Foxes
#3    Apocalypse Lancers
#4    10th Skye Rangers
#5    GK: Wolves of the North Star
Tier 5:
#1    Serephim
#2    Smoke Adders
#3    Phoenix Dominion
#4    Aces Wild
#1    Cameron's Highlanders
#2    Canadian Expeditionary Force
#3    Clan Diamond Shark
#4    Praetorian Legion
#5    Red Corsairs
#6    Clan Wolf Delta Galaxy
#7    Kell Hounds
#8    Marik Gunfighter Alliance
#9    Aeos

The final turn of the campaign has begun!

You guys have until Sunday, July 6th to get your games scheduled, played, and results posted. Due to the current hitscan bugs, expect a possible extension until the following Sunday, the 13th. Though still do try and get your games dome on time where possible.

Also, a final reminder to post your best sport votes for turn 5 to
as well as a reminder to make sure your battle recordings are all up to date, as I will be tallying them all up starting Wednesday, so you have until Tuesday to get everything sorted.

Here are your drop orders:

Stewart Commonwealth (Purple):
Ace's Wild attacking BK: Wolves of the North Star on Hamilton
Clan Star Adder attacking Steel Jaguar on Sophie's World
Apocalypse Lancers attacking Night Watch on Emris IV
Swords of Kentares attacking 228th on Wallis (B - FoW - PPC's)

Duchy of Oriente (Blue):
Night Watch attacking Skye Rangers on Dalton
Blackthornes attacking SJR on Fujidera
SiG secures Augustine unconstested
228th attacking Golden Keshik on Cameron (Y - FoW - Lock-on)

Marik Commonwealth (Red):
Steel Jaguar attacking Apoc on Atreus (P - FoW - AC/Gauss)
Skye Rangers attacking SiG  on Shenwan (R - FoW - Strikes) (B - FoW - JJ's)
Pheonix Dominion attacking Aces Wild on Loyalty
GK: Wolves of the North Star attacking Blackthornes on Anegasaki

Principality of Regulus (Yellow):
GK: Big Bad Wolves attacking Swords of Kentares on Regulus (P - FoW - PPC's)
Serephim secures Newcastle uncontested
Blackstar Alliance attacking Clan Star Adder on Stewart
Golden Foxes Flank attacking Pheonix Dominion on Mckenna (Y - FoW - Strikes) (R - FoW - JJ's)

Cameron's highlanders attacking Aces Wild on Bedeque
Praetorian Legion attacking Serephim on New Hope
Clan Wolf Delta galaxy attacking Blackthornes on Carbonis
Kell Hounds vs Marik Gunfighter Alliance
Bonus fight: Kell Hounds vs Praetorian Legion

Turn 6 Map Rotation: Remember that the defending team is "Team 1" for Private Lobbies:
Antonius Rex a Just a repost of this without the map rotation, to get rid of the stupid white lines.

Turn 6 Update

Antonius Rex a posted Jul 7, 14
So there are a few battles that need to be completed for the final turn of the campaign.

Any battles that still need to be completed need to be done and the results posted by Sunday the 13th

Also, remember to send in any best sport votes to

Marik Civil War Update

Antonius Rex a posted Jun 17, 14

I wanted to give you a heads up on some developments. Bit of a bad news/good news situation.

Bad News: There is a pretty significant bug that directly affects those of us playing the MCW campaign. Specifically, the bug where SwK/228th have sent the server into a death spiral two nights in a row.

Good News: Last night a large group of mostly SJR and SwK players helped PGI Devs to recreate and isolate the problem, while under direct observation by said devs. Hopefully this will fast track a fix in record pace.

What Was Happening: Essentially, we were overloading the servers in a way that only really happens during "non-meta" games, or on heavily restricted matches, such as the ones we commonly play in the MCW Campaign.

It would appear, that when you get 24 mechs in a giant pile, using mostly "Hit Scan" weapons (hope I got that term right), which primarily include Lasers and Machine guns problems can occur. Add in everyone shooting and spraying at a large number of different targets, and with everyone moving about at high speeds (that is apparently the kicker), and it becomes possible to send the server into an unrecoverable death spiral. Basically, I think we are overloading the server with dmg calculations.

The Maps we have seen this bug on include: Frozen City/Night + Forest Colony Snow

The funny thing is, you rarely see this problem outside of the MCW. It is only due to our use of restrictions that you ever really see a pair of drop decks using primarily lasers and machine guns in enough numbers to overload the server. The other well documented incident of this happening was during Rofflewaffle's speedcasting of SwK/SJR/Lords/228th/Others 12v12 IS vs Clan series. The game that crashed it was the 540 ton drop where it was all laser jenners, embers, and clan novas running 12 er small lasers + 4 machine guns. Watching from Roffle's bird's eye cam, you could see everything grind to a halt seconds after the apposing companies unleashed their full alphas. The real joke to me is that you probably will never see this bug in a "meta" game, or most of the other leagues. The damage calculation on dozens of ppc's, AC5's,  and gauss rounds flying through the air is nothing compared to the calculations involved in two dozen angry brawling mechs firing off lasers and machine guns at each other at point blank range while running/flying through the air.

So, this is essentially why we have pushed back the final turn of the MCW to next Sunday. We need this shit fixed before everyone's capital gets invaded for the final time. Many of those matches will be heavily restricted and will likely meet the same fate as the SwK/228th match. Not to mention the final battle over Atreus, as well as the remaining battles that need to happen for Turn 5 to close.

Lastly, I want to give a big shout out to SJR's Suicidal Baby. That dude got all this testing rolling and rallied the troops to make it happen. We owe you bud.

And of course, a big shout out to PGI's Karl Berg (Hope I got that right) for staying at work hours after quitting time to monitor and organize these tests. I was an absolute delight to be able to help find and isolate a major bug that obviously effects the comp scene, and it is hugely encouraging to see PGI reaching out to the community for assistance. This is a great sign of things to come, and I hope to see a fix for this very soon.

For Glory!

TYGΞRLILY A couple weeks ago we also had a "no ballistics" match (IE MGs and Lasers) on Forest Snow and the match blew u ...
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